The Aardvarck Advantage. Aardvarck web site pages are design to comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. The W3C is the main standards organisation for web design standards.
In the earlier days of the Internet each browser(now referred to as user agent) had it's own way to interpret the code in the files to be displayed on the Internet. The W3C's primary focus is to establish a common way for these commands to be interpreted, and to provide a vision and pathway for future development. Since the inception of the Internet the ways it is used have broadened.
We still use a PC to connect to the Internet but, now cell phones and other PDAs connect as well. Depending on the intended viewers the pages may be designed specifically to load on handhelds (smart phones) or some of the older browsers. In each case the choice of design format is specifically chosen to be the most effective for your viewers. We work to "html 4", "xhtml" and even the proposed "html 5" standards. The regular PC has enough computing power to allow the user agent to quickly correct for variations in the coding of the web page and interpret the desires of the web master correctly. The smaller portable devices do not. The W3C standards are designed to make it easier for these portable devices to display the page as the Web Master intended. The standards are now and will probably always be a work in progress.
The various software makers are slowly making their products more consistent with the standards, Some interesting curves still occur. Recently Aardvarck experienced a glaring inconsistence between the way Internet Explorer 6 on a Windows XP computer displayed a menu differently than under any other operating system and user agent they were able to find. Fortunately problems like these are becoming less common and the solution is sometimes easier to find.
The standards also provide a clear path into the future and give web developers a idea how they should write their pages so they will be viewable by users agents not currently available.
Few web developers work to the standards established by bodies like the W3C. Aardvarck does, the structure of a Aardvarck web page should allow the page to be viewable further into the future than most other designers pages. Updates to a page will usually only be updating content or appearance of the page. This should mean the site will not need a major and costly revision as soon as many others. The long term total cost of the site should be less.
This may not seem to be of major significance to most as most assume your viewers are using a typical Desktop PC. The Aardvarck advantage for you with these pages is the pages will load faster if the computer does not need to spend resources correctly problems in poorly written code. If a page takes too long to load or even show some evidence it is loading most of us will move on to another page. The Aardvarck advantage -- the page will load faster.
We also create custom web based applications.
Why web based applications?
With a web based application any user agent can be used as long as you can connect to the internet. Data can be stored on a central server and accessed anyway, a perfect solution for mobile employees or multiple work locations.
Another Aardvarck advantage is our pages are designed to achieve maximum exposure in search engines - no sense having that "killer" page if no one sees it. For more infromation on our web services

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