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Domain Names

What is a Domain Name and why should I have one?

The domain for this site is This is a world wide unique identification. There are other sios's but no other anywhere. is a Japanese site Software for Innovative Solutions. The portion of the Domain Name after the "." may mean something depending on the use of the site. Originally a .com was a commercial Internet site, .net another form of business and .org was an organisation with the 2 letter ones indicating a country; now the line between these distinction is blurred and one will see them used in a variety of ways.
Domain names gives your site a unique branding, a branding that can be used on letter heads and business cards for example, it is also a distinct part of an email address.

What is a good name to use?

A good name depends on what you wish to achieve with the name. The Domain Name should have an association with the name of the organisation it represents. If the prime purpose of the domain is to achieve an Internet prescience then, the full name of the business with the .com part either being .com or possible a 2 letter code representing the country. If one of the important uses of the Domain Name is a part of an email address then a short name or acronym for the organisation is preferable. For example I use If I were to use the name of the company Secure-IT-On-Site people may easily remember the name but they would balk at typing such a long name in an email.
The name you select depends on ones personal preference and the intended use of the Domain.

How do I get a Domain Name?

There are a number of sites on the Internet that will register your Domain Name with the appropriate registers; some will register for a number of different groups and others are exclusive for particular ones. I personally use, they provide a simple feature to let you check to see if the name you want is available.

How much does a Domain Name cost?

Depending on the suffix you select and the the length of time you register for the rate varies from about $11.00 US to about $15.00 US for 1 year.

How does a Domain Name work?

Fortunately you don't need to know to be able to use them.
All Domain Names "resolve" into one of those strange number patterns such as When you send out a request to go to a particular web site by entering a Domain Name the Internet knows to check with a particular group of computers to resolve the name into a set of those numbers, then the connection connects with the Internet address represented by those numbers.
If you think those numbers are confusing you don't even want to see the series of numbers and letters they are changing to. Fortunately a discussion of DNS numbers is outside of the scope of this page and apart from giving the numbers the Domain Name registry sends to you when you register to you host provider one can ignore this entire part of the topic.

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