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Unwanted Telephone solicitations

Unwanted Telephone solicitations are in the same category as spam.

Canada and many other countries have or or setting up ways for consumers to prevent those bothersome telephone solicitations. In Canada one must register to block the calls , to register go to the CMA web site

This site will allow one to have their name and phone number placed on a don not call list. Great, except there are others than can still call you, Who can still call Political Parties (should have guessed), polling companies, and newspapers to name some can still call you unless you specifically request them not to.

Contacting each and everyone would be a challenge. Fortunately Michael Geist a University professor at Carleton University has come to our rescue. He has created a web site "iOptOut" that lists many of the exempt organisation. Register with him and he will contact these organisation for you. Using the system is easy. Go to Michael's web site and register, while you are there go to and register for his RSS feeds to receive more information on a variety of topics

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